The Blaze Consulting team has more than an 8-year experience in appraisal activities. Our specialists have successfully implemented projects aimed at valuation various assets for large companies, government agencies and leading banks. We have a great experience in working with international audit companies.

Our specialists are included in registers of self regulatory appraisal organizations. Liability of each appraiser is personally insured.

Specialists of the Company improve their skills on a permanent basis, carefully follow any amendment to the Russian and international appraisal standards. Our specialists are also experienced in accounting, taxation and financial audit.


IFRS Valuation

Valuation for the preparing financial statements is the procedure aimed at determining the fair value of the company's assets in accordance with the international financial reporting standards (IFRS, GAAP). The work is done in compliance with any and all requirements of international standards, including financial reporting standards and appraisal standards.

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Our specialists have a great experience in doing and presentation such work for international audit companies.


Business Valuation

Business valuation means the process of determining the enterprise value.

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Blaze Consulting is experienced in valuation of companies operating in various industries: machine building, chemical industry, food industry, agriculture, telecommunications and media, etc.


Property Valuation

To date, real estate and property valuation is the most widely spread type of appraisal activities.

Such valuation is held for various purposes: mortgage, disposal of property, preparation of financial statements, etc.

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Property being valued may include either separate groups of assets or enterprises on the whole.


Intangible Assets Valuation

Intangible assets valuation is the most complicated kind of appraisal activities requiring high-level professional skills of specialists doing such work.

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Such service is mostly sought after for asset purchase, contributions in the authorized fund or for the financial statements preparation.