Transaction Support

The Blaze Consulting team for corporate finance has been providing financial consulting services for more than 10 years. Our assets include more than 100 successfully closed deals for large Russian and international investment banks, companies and private equity funds.

In cooperation with us, our clients have closed investment transactions to the total amount exceeding 3 billion US dollars.


Due Diligence

Such service is required in the course of M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) and Private Equity transactions and allows:

  • assessing reliability of information provided by the seller (owners) and the management of the company;
  • determining financial, tax, legal, technological and other risks of the target company and building the mitigation risk plan.

With our assistance, you will be able:

  • to determine the price of the transaction in an objective manner in the course of negotiations;
  • to build the system of warranties for the deal parties;
  • to form a plan of integration of the acquired company into the customer's business.

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We are ready to provide you with:

  • Financial and Tax Due Diligence;
  • Legal Due Diligence;
  • Marketing and Operational Due Diligence;
  • Technical Due Diligence (under real estate projects).

We suggest that investees undertake Vendor Due Diligence (a pre-investment due diligence initiated by the investee) in advance, prior to the beginning of negotiations. It will make possible to expedite negotiations with potential investors and expand their base, i.e. to get a price quotation from more than one investor.

Vendor Assistance

Prior to funding, an investor examines the target company and undertakes Due Diligence.

Any risk revealed in the course of Due Diligence is used by the investor for giving reasons for the deal price reduction.

Vendor Assistance means a comprehensive service for company owners when attracting private equity or debt capital, including:

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  • To reveal strengths and weaknesses of the company;
  • To reveal factors affecting the enterprise value;
  • To recommend risks mitigation and focus on strengths;
  • To provide assistance when the investor undertakes Due Diligence: to form the Data Room, to analyze submitted documents, to consult employees of the company on the issues of communication with the investor's consultants and the investor.


Such service will allow the deal parties to solve the following tasks:

  • to get information about a fair value of assets;
  • to get information about the enterprise value;
  • to work out various scenarios and determine their effect on the enterprise value;

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  • to raise funding;
  • to determine a fair value of assets when preparing financial statements in accordance with the international standards (GAAP, IFRS).