Fundraising Preparation

To date, in the capital market, investors have increased requirements to financed projects, as a result of which only 3-5% of the projects under consideration are approved for financing. Fund seekers must meet certain criteria, such as availability of a bright and clear strategy, a transparent legal structure, professional management, good performance indicators, an acceptable risk level, etc.


Preparation for fundraising

Such service is provided to any company if such company plans:

  • To ensure a quick growth of its business scope;
  • To have access to global capital markets;
  • IPO;
  • To attract a strategic or financial investor.

Within a short period, you will get:

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  • Legally structured business which is clearly understood by potential investors;
  • Best global corporate management and internal control practices;
  • Regular reporting in accordance with the IFRS;
  • Risk management system;
  • Fundraising strategy;
  • Reliable Investor Relations system;
  • Growth of the enterprise value.
Business Planning and Financial Modeling

To raise private equity or project financing, it is necessary to convince investors that they may receive a good payback with acceptable risks.

The key tool of communication with investors is a business plan or an investment memorandum.
Such document describes the directions of investments, and the economic benefit the company (and its shareholders accordingly) will get, having implemented the action program included in the business plan.

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We will be happy to prepare for you such document describing in the “investor's language”:

  • Analysis of the market outlook of the investment project or company;
  • Description of the project idea and its components;
  • Evaluation of project risks and determination of risk mitigation ways;
  • Building of a financial model and calculation of project indicators.


Lead Advisory

We can look for an investor or an investment facility both in the territory of the Russian Federation or using our global contact network.

Our services of proving assistance in fund raising include:

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  • Discussion of the project strategy;
  • Preparation of presentation materials for investors (Investment Memorandum, Teaser);
  • Presentation of the company for a wide range of investors and holding of initial negotiations with them;
  • Assistance in execution of the Term Sheet with an potential investor;
  • Assistance in undertaking Due Diligence of the company;
  • Participation in structuring and closing the deal.


When an investor agrees to work with your company, the investor offers its own terms and conditions of cooperation and its vision of structuring of the deal.

In this case, it is very important to build the negotiation process with the investor in such a way as to ensure closing of the deal not only for the benefit of the investor but also for your benefit.

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Having a solid experience and being aware of any “pitfalls”of the negotiation process, we will be happy to assist you in organization of negotiations with investors, and in maintenance of your position in negotiations.