Compulsory conditions of work at our company for our employees are not only professional skills but friendliness, positive attitude, understanding of our clients' needs.

The team of specialists unites professionals in the fields of economics, finance, law, taxation, property and business valuation. Our team includes employees who have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, certificates of appraisers and auditors. Many young specialists are students of the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Program.

Business project organization is the basis of the activities of our company. Therefore, the team spirit, solidarity, commitment to results and understanding of our clients' interests are the main principles of the team work of our company.

Each project is headed by a partner who is a specialist with a many years' experience in implementation of complicated projects, has an eye for realities of the Russian business and knows the best global practices. The partner is assisted by a project manager who is a leading specialist responsible for day-to-day management of the work done by a project group. The project group is cross-functional and includes financial analysts, tax experts, lawyers and appraisers. For making the relevant expert examinations, we involve marketing experts, technical experts and other experts specializing in narrow fields (e.g., patent specialists or brand managers). Such business organization allows us to solve complicated and complex tasks or to find the optimal solution for the benefit of our clients