About Us

Blaze Consulting is an independent consulting company established by a team of professionals in the field of M&A support and financial investigations.

The main asset of the company is an unblemished reputation of its specialists and an experience in transactions support for such companies as Rostech, VSMPO-AVISMA, Megafon, Russian Venture Company and many others.

“Blaze” in English does not just mean a bright light or flare but also a mark to indicate a trail in woods or a wild country.

Our mission is “to blaze a trail” or “to make the way” to make the course of any M&A or any complicated investment project more predictable, clear and to reveal any “hidden rock” or obstacle. In other words, we provide the greatest comfort and the best expert support for our clients.

Our best reward is the gratitude of our clients and their willingness to cooperate with us again and again.

Compulsory conditions of work at our company for our employees include not only professional skills but their friendliness, positive attitude, understanding of our clients' needs.